1. Ferrovial
  2. Sustainability
  3. Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Target Zero

As stated in our policy document, we aim to “create safe, risk-free workplaces for everyone, every day”, driven by our belief that every accident is preventable.

This vision sets the facto desired objective of “Target Zero”, a goal to which all of our employees are fully committed.

In order to achieve the Target Zero goal, we have designed a roadmap based on the following actions:

  • Appropriate organisational structure, up to the highest level of management, with a health and safety representative on all management committees.
  • Implementation of appropriate management systems in all business areas.
  • Implementation of appropriate minimum safety standards for each business area.
  • Training aimed at employee involvement.
  • Strict supervisory and control procedures set up in our work centres, including safety, inspections and a reporting system for safety observations and/or near misses, together with internal audits carried out by independent experts.
  • A reporting system based on proactive and reactive indicators.
  • Commitment to innovation.
  • Road Safety Plan.
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