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The mobility business unit is one of the most recently created units. It started with the goal of promoting and developing new opportunities in the field of mobility, as well as identifying trends that may affect our infrastructure business

Advances in technology and social habits like teleworking and e-commerce are transforming the way people and goods move. Therefore, we at Ferrovial are committed to developing urban mobility projects focused on the user and adapting infrastructures to more sustainable mobility.

We invest in mobility solutions in the areas of electric, shared, connected, and autonomous mobility with the aim of identifying new business models, as well as additional sources of value for our infrastructure business.

Thanks to our experience in the development and operation of sustainable transport infrastructures and the knowledge of its users, we provide innovative mobility services that are adapted to the market’s new demands.


Our Mobility Company

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Innovative solutions for power generation and transmission and sustainable mobility.

Our mobility projects

The Mobility Unit is currently developing multiple initiatives in the areas of electric, shared, connected, and autonomous mobility; the following three projects are particularly noteworthy:

  • Zity: A carsharing service in operation since December 2017. The business model is based on renting electric vehicles per minute. We, in collaboration with Renault, have more than 1,400 100% electric vehicles in the cities of Madrid, Paris, Milan, and Lyon.
  • Inspiration Mobility: At the end of 2021, Ferrovial invested in Inspiration Mobility, an American company whose business consists of developing, investing, and managing assets related to electric vehicles in the US and Canada, including the vehicles themselves and the associated charging infrastructure.
  • Mobility Venture Capital: Recently, Ferrovial invested as a Corporate LP in a venture capital fund specializing in the mobility sector, with the aim of boosting our knowledge of new technologies, startups, and new business models on a global scale, as well as identifying investment opportunities in the coming years.

Our projects


Our carsharing service.

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Ferrovial’s Key Figures from 2022

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