Ferrovial Services Australia & New Zealand

  • 2,206 M € In revenues
  • 120 M € In gross operating icome
  • 4,246 M € Portfolio
australia and new zeland transport infrastructures

Ferrovial Services has been present in Australia and New Zealand since May 2016, with 25,000 employees and a portfolio of more than 6 billion euros thanks to the acquisition of Broadspectrum, one of the largest services companies in Australia. The company has extensive experience in sectors such as oil and gas, energy, telecommunications and transport and industrial infrastructure.

Broadspectrum provides services in the areas of transport (roads, rail and public transport); municipal infrastructure (activities in the telecommunications, water, gas and electricity sectors); the natural resources market (maintenance and operation of oil wells and facilities); and services for state governments and the central administration, covering various departments, such as defence, municipal services, logistics, justice, infrastructure maintenance, health and asset management.

Broadspectrum serves more than 100 clients, and is responsible, among other things, for providing support and integrated facility management, logistics, and catering services for the Australian Ministry of Defence; the maintenance of Queensland and Curtis liquefied natural gas industrial facilities (QGC); and support in building a new national broadband fibre network in Australia.