Ferrovial Services International

  • 540 M € SALES
  • 36M € EBITDA
  • 1,361M € ORDER BOOK

In recent years, one of the strategic priorities of Ferrovial Services has been the expansion of its activities in new territories. The strategy is based either on creating a new company or, in other cases, on acquiring local companies as a method for speeding up expansion.

Ferrovial Services’ main aim internationally is to contribute to the profitable growth of the company and the markets where it operates: United States, Canada, Chile, Portugal and Qatar. For this purpose, we tap into our know-how, our experience and our differential capacities for the professional development of the industry and for cities and infrastructure services.

In the United States and Canada, we serve the transport and oil and gas sectors. In Chile, Ferrovial Services provides services to mining and facility management through Steel Ferrovial Services. In Portugal, our operations include municipal and industrial services, waste treatment and management, infrastructure and maintenance of green spaces, while in Qatar, Ferrovial Services provides various facility management services at Doha Airport.

Recently, Budimex, the Polish subsidiary of Ferrovial Agroman, has acquired the 51% stake that Ferrovial Services International had in FBSerwis.