About Cintra

Our teams have a common objective: to solve real problems by connecting millions of people quickly and safely using our toll roads.

  • 9 Countries
  • 26 Concessions
  • 1,468 Kilometers
  • 296 M€ Dividends


Cintra Autopistas

Our growth strategy is based on seeking out and efficiently managing the best investment opportunities. Our goal is to reduce the company’s risk profile. We manage a project portfolio with high value-creation potential and controlled risk.

The result of this policy is the constant increase in the number of concessions held by the company since its foundation. We currently manage a portfolio of 26 concessions. We operate in Canada, US, Spain, United Kingdom, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Slovakia, Colombia and Australia. Thus we manage a total of 2,072 kilometers of highway and an investment of more than 19,600 million euros.

Cintra's Company Strategy

Cintra's Business Model Strengths

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We manage projects directly and actively, pursuing operating efficiency and optimising the quality of service provided to the user.

  • Design and construction: we minimise risk in this initial phase through turnkey contracts in partnership with Ferrovial Agroman.
  • Funding: we seek out the most efficient structure and implement innovative, sophisticated practices that enable us to mobilise the necessary capital for project development.
  • Long-term management: we create value with our end-to-end vision, which addresses every phase of the asset’s lifecycle.

Cintra's Business Model


Bilbao Behovia Ferrovial

Learn the history of our company in the field of toll roads, an activity that began in 1968 with the award of the Bilbao-Behovia road and consolidated twenty years later in 1998, with the establishment of Cintra.

History of Cintra