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Who We Are

The world’s leading private-sector transportation infrastructure company, delivering innovative solutions for over fifty years.

Based in Austin, Texas, we are the leading private-sector transportation infrastructure company in the world with experience spanning over 50 years of innovative highway development on four continents.

  • 5

    Managed Lanes

  • 92

    miles of managed highways in US

  • $10.1 B

    U.S. investment

  • 202000

    jobs created in the U.S.

  • $21,7M


How Do We Add Value

Our value

Today, our portfolio includes over 918 miles of managed highways globally, representing a total investment in roadway improvements of over $21 billion. In the Unites States, we manage over $9.1 billion of infrastructure projects and more than $4.1 billion of infrastructure projects in Canada.

Our distinct capability is to develop major infrastructure projects that help connect people with their work, families and communities in a more efficient and safer way. We do this by developing and managing attractive projects with high potential and low environmental impact create value for our shareholders and end users. We materialize this potential by bringing operational efficiency and service quality to the entire life-cycle of a concession.

We are experts in traffic analysis and Big Data to ensure efficient operations and offer users the highest quality service. Our Managed Lanes in the United States are an example of this as we have not only enhanced mobility and alleviated traffic conditions in these regions but have taken user experience to the next level.

Our Management Team

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Our history began in 1968 when Ferrovial, our parent company, entered the roadway sector with the Bilbao-Behovia toll road concession in Spain. Over the next two decades, it was awarded the concession of two major highways in the country, establishing itself as a key player in the construction sector as it began its international expansion.

Thirty years later, Cintra was born to develop and focus on highway promotion. Our first projects included the concession of two stretches of the Pan-American highway in Chile and the 407 ETR in Canada, which remains as one of our primary assets. The Canadian highway was a milestone in the sector as it established itself as the world’s first all-electronic, open access highway thanks to a revolutionary free flow toll-system.

Since then, we have continued to develop our international expansion plan and currently manage a total of 918 miles of highways in the United States, Canada, Australia, Spain, Colombia, Portugal, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Slovakia.

In 2004, we successfully entered the U.S. market by establishing our U.S. headquarters in Austin, Texas. Today, we manage five major concessions representing a total investment of roughly €9 billion, the LBJ Express, North Tarrant Express (NTE), and NTE 35W  in North Texas, the recently opened I-77 Express Lanes in Charlotte, North Carolina and the I-66 Outside the Beltway project in Northern Virginia. We were also recently awarded a new a new phase of the NTE 35W redevelopment projectthe 3C project.

In 2015, Cintra entered the Australian market with the Toowoomba Project, which was the largest commitment by the Australian Government to a highway project in the history of Queensland. In 2017, the presence in this market was reinforced with the award of the Western Roads Upgrade, the largest investment project in the urban road network of the State of Victoria. This was the first project of this nature awarded under the modality of public-private collaboration through a payment for availability in Australia.

With the award of the Colombian project in 2015, Ruta del Cacao Cintra returned to the management of concessions in LATAM after having managed assets in Colombia and Chile in the 90s and 2000s.

In 2016, Cintra added a new country to its portfolio with the ring road around the city of Bratislava in Slovakia. The D4 R7 project is one of the largest public-private infrastructure projects in Central Europe.

In 2019, Cintra added another asset to its portfolio in the UK thanks to the world’s first highway tunnel in London called Silver Town tunnel. This project is the largest road investment made in this city in the last 30 years.

We work together with communities to solve transportation issues by efficiently delivering innovative and effective infrastructure solutions that help drivers and commerce move around safely.

We also collaborate with small businesses and local contractors to grow the local economy and generate significant local jobs and economic development opportunities through our roadway projects. In Texas alone, our projects have utilized more than 2,000 local firms during construction and have awarded approximately $600 million dollars in contracts to Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firms.

784 Miles in 9 Countries

United States

Know How We Work in the US

  • 5 Managed Lanes
  • $10.1 B Total Managed Investment
  • 92 miles of Highways in the U.S.
  • 47% Investments Made in the U.S.
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Know How We Work in Canada

  • 3 Assets
  • $4,597.9 M Total Managed Investment
  • 108.7 miles of Highways in Canada.
  • 21.2% Investments Made in Canada
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Know how we work in Colombia

  • 1 Asset
  • $780.7 M Total Managed Investment
  • 94.2 miles of Highway
  • 3.6% Investments Made in Colombia
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Know how we work in Spain

  • 5 Assets
  • $1,325.2 M Total Managed Investment
  • 125.6 miles of Highway
  • 7.3% Investments Made in Spain
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Know how we work in Australia

  • 2 Assets
  • $1.279 M Total Managed Investment
  • 175 miles of Highway
  • 6% Investments Made in Australia
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Know How We Work in Portugal

  • 4 Assets
  • $1,132 M Total Managed Investment
  • 212.8 miles of Highway
  • 6.3% Investments Made in Portugal


Know how we work in Slovakia

  • 1 Asset
  • $1,015.6 M Total Managed Investment
  • 36.7 miles of Highway in Slovakia

United Kingdom

Know how we work in the United Kingdom

  • 2 Assets
  • $1,988.5 M Total Managed Investment
  • 18.6 miles of Highways in the UK
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Know how we work in Ireland

  • 2 Assets
  • $992 M Total Managed Investment
  • 54 miles of Highways in Ireland
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