Cintra’s commitment

Cintra believes in the importance of implementing measures to improve client satisfaction by meeting their needs and expectations, and in complying with legal requirements and regulations. This will enable us to improve our service continuously.

Quality and Environment

Compromiso Cintra Medioambiente

Respect for the environment is a basic element of our corporate culture. Accordingly, at Cintra we are committed to complying with environmental legislation, optimising the use of natural resources, preventing pollution and controlling the impacts of our activities.

  • Fauna protection. We have implemented a series of actions to protect fauna in the environs of our toll roads.
  • Waste treatment. With a view to reducing the environmental impact associated with waste, Cintra promotes measures to avoid, minimise, reuse and recycle waste.
  • Protection of the water environment. We optimise natural resource use, especially water, and minimise a toll road’s impact on the water environment.
  • Noise control. We adopt measures to minimise the acoustic impact of toll roads on the surrounding areas.
  • Biodiversity projects. Cintra participates in projects to protect flora and fauna, improving the ecosystems affected by our toll roads.

To learn more details about our commitment towards quality and environment, visit Cintra’s website on the link below:

Quality and environment


Atencion usuario Ferrovial Autopistas Cintra

Cintra is committed to the continuous improvement of our management systems. The objective is to provide the best possible service to users, responding to their needs and expectations. To this end, we have implemented quality management systems on all of our toll roads, undertaking actions to maintain users’ trust.

Customer service


Innovacion Cintra

Our company is a pioneer in the implementation of free flow electronic tolling systems. Our toll road innovation projects have given rise to the following:

  • Satelise®:  is a project designed to facilitate payment for the use of infrastructures through an universal, easy-to-use application for smartphones
  • Free FlowThe 407 ETR highway is a clear example of innovation at the service of our users, on implementing the free-flow system and vehicle fingerprinting program.
  • Tollflow®: The Tollflow® system detects traffic conditions that can generate congestion in toll areas
  • DAVAOPlus: An innovative system capable of automatically detecting high-occupancy vehicles.

Innovation projects at our Toll Roads