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Efficient Work Environment

We promote a flexible work environment by developing new, more agile, creative and efficient ways of doing things.

Efficient work environment – Ferrovial

We offer different flexibility measures, depending on the legislations and conditions in each country:

  • Reconciliation measures
  • Purchase of vacation days
  • Intensive work days on Fridays and in the summer
  • Flexible work day
  • Well-being programs: medical check-ups, yoga, mindfulness, gym discounts
  • Annual talent review (objectives and competencies) and 360′ assessment for senior management

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is an essential part of the heritage of humanity and is recognized by UNESCO in its Universal Declaration on Diversity. We believe that each person brings different ideas, perspectives and knowledge so we promote a collaborative, flexible, diverse and inclusive culture. To do this, we manage diversity and are able to offer unique and challenging experiences to all our employees in an environment that fosters equal opportunities.

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