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What we do?

We’re promoting the transition towards a sustainable, clean, cutting-edge economy in energy.

We provide innovative solutions for the promotion, construction, and operation of energy generation and transmission infrastructures, and the circular economy regarding the treatment of municipal waste.

How do we work?

We’re moving forward with the emission reduction objective established in the company’s “Horizon 24″ strategic plan, as well as compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals through four major areas.

  • Energy infrastructures. Generating electricity from renewable sources is an essential partner in fighting climate change; it requires strengthening the capacities of the electricity system as a whole. In this context, Ferrovial will promote and build projects aimed at developing infrastructures for renewable electricity generation, as well as its storage and transmission. Ferrovial will participate in all phases of developing these types of projects, from identifying opportunities to their development, financing, construction, and ultimately, their operation.
  • Circular economy. As we’re committed to continual innovation in environmental sustainability, Ferrovial operates infrastructures for the recycling, composting, and energy use of municipal solid waste.
  • Other businesses. These are related to public and private infrastructure services activities in the United Kingdom and Chile; Ferrovial intends to divest from these.

Our Projects

Renewable energy infrastructures

  • Construction of the Elena photovoltaic plant (Antofagasta, Chile). Electrical facility and interconnection of a 540 MW photovoltaic plant.
  • Cabo Leonés Wind Farm (Antofagasta, Chile). Plant balance 175 MW.
  • Acquisition of Solar Park (Seville, Spain). Development, construction, and maintenance of the 50 MW wind farm.
  • San Lorenzo Wind Farm (Valladolid, Spain). Plant balance 66 MW.


Energy Infrastructure Company


Innovative solutions for energy generation and transmission.


  • BH2C. Basque hydrogen corridor
  • H2 Port of Huelva
  • Construction of an industrial plant for the methanization of biogas (Tarrasa, Spain)

Electrical transmission

  • Transchile (Charrúa-Cautín, Chile). 220 kV double-circuit transmission line, a length of 204 kilometers, and a transmission capacity of 500 MV per circuit.
  • Centella (Chile). Concession to build and operate the New Pan de Azúcar – Punta Sierra – Centella transmission line of about 250 kilometers (2 x 220 kV) with a nominal capacity of 580 MV per circuit.
  • Tap Mauro (Chile). Concession to build and operate a line of four circuits (3 km each, 220 kV). It will connect the Los Piuquenes – Tap Mauro subdivision with the Nueva Pelambres substation (Centella).

Waste treatment

  • Isle of Wight (United Kingdom). Isle of Wight waste collection and treatment for 25 years. The project reaches a value of €306 million.
  • Waterbeach (Cambridge, United Kingdom). A five-year contract with the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Waste Association (RECAP) to process recyclable materials.
  • Milton Keynes (United Kingdom). Contract for the design, construction, and management of the waste treatment plant. At the plant, organic waste is separated and processed in an anaerobic digester to generate renewable energy and obtain a material similar to compost.
  • Allerton (North Yorkshire, United Kingdom). The facility makes it possible to transform 320,000 tons of waste from residents in North Yorkshire and York into energy capable of supplying more than 60,000 homes annually.

Our activity

Energy Transmission

We’re promoting the transition towards a sustainable, clean, cutting-edge economy.

Energy Generation

Sustainable solutions through the operation of renewable assets.

Energy Infrastructure

Maintenance and installation of equipment for electricity generation and distribution.

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