Culture of Innovation

Ferrovial believes that creating an environment where innovation is not limited to a few units or departments, but rather extends to all employees, is key to innovation.

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We therefore strive to create a culture of innovation to promote the generation of ideas which can be transformed into projects to provide added value, thereby helping to improve competitiveness and/or create new business opportunities.

The culture of innovation materialises by means of training in innovation techniques and processes through various programmes organised together with Ferrovial’s corporate university, an open space for acquiring knowledge, sharing experiences and building relations within the company.


Transformación Digital AI wearable gafas

As part of the company’s digital transformation objective, this programme highlights the company’s commitment to innovation. The project aims to boost the digital skills and knowledge of all employees, working on three levels: individual staff, managers, and the company as a whole.

An online training plan has been developed through which all employees can access self-assessment tools on digital skills and knowledge and learn more about User Experience, the Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing and drones, amongst others. The aim is to help all employees develop the digital skills and knowledge required within the company.

Ferrovial Corporate University

Ferrovial’s Corporate University provides training courses and programmes on methods, techniques and activities related to the various stages of the innovation process. General and more tailored training courses are designed and imparted to cover specific employee requirements, with the aim of providing a unique perspective and helping them improve and find new ways of working, thus motivating and driving employee talent.


Buscando Ideas Innovación Ferrovial

Ferrovial has a number of ideation programmes to promote and recognise employee creativity. Zuritanken is a company-wide programme; the Innovate Construction Awards cover the Construction business; Cintra Spirit covers Toll Roads; and Amey’s DEN programme covers the services business.

Another tool used to boost innovation culture is the ShuttleX intrapreneurship programme, which seeks to support entrepreneurship within the company itself, given evidence of the correlation between entrepreneurship and increased business innovation and competitiveness.

Internal programme for innovation in construction

The Innovate Construction Awards programme seeks out innovative actions in construction, whether technical or procedural, which lead to improvements in productivity and/or efficiency and will therefore make us more competitive and boost our leadership within the sector.

Internal programme for innovation in highways

The Cintra Spirit awards for highways recognise innovative ideas, projects and people which enable Cintra to become a leader in this business sector. The awards have for six consecutive years now allowed Cintra to identify innovative projects and ideas which make us different, innovative, responsible and efficient.

The “Most Innovative Initiative” category is an individual or group award to recognise ideas, projects and innovative procedures that contribute creativity, progress, efficiency and solutions to the company.



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Intrapreneurship means carrying out entrepreneurial activities within a company with the aim of promoting competitiveness. Intrapreneurs are people who, with company support, develop entrepreneurial behaviours by identifying, assessing and exploiting new business opportunities.