1. Ferrovial
  2. Sustainability
  3. Environment
  4. Carbon Footprint
  5. Reducing emissions

Emissions 1 and 2

Under this scope, GHG emissions (Greenhouse Gas) caused by Ferrovial activities are classified as follows:

  • Diffuse emissions. Emissions not associated with a given emitting source, as is the case with biogas emissions from a landfill.
  • Electricity. Indirect GHG emissions are emissions resulting from the consumption of electricity bought from other companies which produce or control it.
  • Stationary Equipment. They are those fixed equipments such as generators, boilers, furnaces, burners, turbines, heaters, incinerators, engines, flamers, etc. that use fossil fuels to generate heat, electricity or steam or used to carry out a process of the company. The machinery used in construction is also included in this group.
  • Fugitive. From the consumption of refrigerants. These emissions are insignificant compared with the other emissions.
  • Mobile. From the combustion of fuels in vehicles and motorbikes managed by the company.
2009 (Base Year) 2017 20182019
Budimex47,66572,16295,540 80,326
Cadagua63,22115,09811,852 7,319
Ferrovial Construction74,934134,26692,049 95,861
Webber65,55542,88246,775 44,622
Ferrovial Corporation896680605 579
Cintra15,68410,0918,164 9,616
Amey267,290217,944219,240 235,778
Broadspectrum125,961142,399117,974 63,505
Ferrovial Services408,982354,737328,982 323,677
Transchile454531 18
TOTAL 1,070,232 973,183 908,514 861,300
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