Every year, we manage the traffic of 140 airlines that transport nearly 87 million passengers. We do this through our 4 airports in the United Kingdom: Heathrow, Glasgow, Aberdeen y Southampton.

About Ferrovial Airports

Learn more about our areas of action and our division’s history since 1998.

Our commitment with Airports

Sustainability and innovation enable us to improve our passenger’s experience.

The Airports division comprises of all the Ferrovial Group’s activities related to the airport sector: from the direct investment in infrastructure to the management of operations. Throughout the years, Ferrovial Airports has specialised in adding value to their assets through the maintenance of their long-investment in these assets. Thanks to our extensive operative experience and our synergies with the group’s other divisions, our model throughout these years has allowed us to increase the profitability of our assets, through many diverse activities. Amongst those, the continued improvement of passenger experience, the development of infrastructures and the optimization of operating costs.

Airports are considered strategic assets due to the large impact they have on the economic development of the country or region where they are placed, for example, only around Heathrow, the economic activity generated yearly is £11 billion. In the context of the increasing privatization of airport infrastructure, our business model has proved itself as the optimum for responding to the needs of administration, the passengers and the airlines. We maintain an approach consistent with the long-term investment required for these infrastructures, whilst we continue to believe that excellence in customer service is a stand-out element. For this reason, we specialize in anticipating the expectations of the passengers, making their journey through our airports an experience that they will want to share and repeat.

Innovation projects that enhance mobility in major airport infrastructure.

FerroNATS: Air traffic control

FerroNATS: control aéreo

FerroNATS provides air control services in different control towers of several Spanish airports, including Alicante, Valencia, Ibiza, Sevilla, Jerez, Sabadell, Cuatro Vientos, Vigo and La Coruña.

FerroNATS: Air traffic control