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On June 5th, 6th and 7th, the largest event oriented to the entrepreneurial ecosystem and startups in southern Europe will be held in Madrid. Welcome to the South Summit.

More than 10 years ago, this event was born with a purpose, to be the reference center that shapes the future through initiative, entrepreneurship, open innovation and business opportunities. And today it continues with that same purpose.

Once again this year we are participating in a very special edition for us in which we will present three of our most important innovation projects for the coming years.


Smart Infrastructures Sandbox Stage | June 5th | 09:30

Description: Why is fundamental for companies to adopt and integrate technology and AI into their operations and processes.

  • Daniel García Espinel (Head of Innovation Growth at Ferrovial)
  • Matthieu Heusch (Co-Founder at Woodea, MODERADOR)
  • Andrés Sanchez (Responsable de Innovación de Endesa Generación y Enel Green Power (energía renovable) at Endesa)
  • Jose Luis Parriego (HR Business Head at GSK)

Data Centers. Sustainable Digital Infrastructures for Artificial Intelligence Arena Stage | June 6th | 12:35

Description: Status and challenges of the Data Centers industry

  • Rafael Fernández (Innovation Director, Ferrovial, MODERADOR)
  • Pedro Gómez (Director of Digital Infrastructure Strategy and Business Development at Ferrovial Construction)
  • Enrique Ruiz Pérez (Data Centers Lead at Microsoft)
  • Pol Valls Soler (Founder & Chief Scientific Offcer at Submer)

Ferrovial Lab – Where opportunities become success Catalyst Stage | June 6th | 17:30

Description: The importance of having a dedicated space for technology testing. Example and best practices.

  • Javier López Sanz (Energy Innovation Lead at Ferrovial)
  • Carlos Menéndez (Head of Technical Resources and Innovation at Ferrovial Machinery Park)
  • Dario Lorente (Regional Sales Manager at Trimble)
  • Bhishma Hernández Martínez (Founder & CEO at Clever Solar Devices)

Responsible Innovation: Digital Sustainability – Sandbox Stage | June 7th | 11:20

Description: Cutting-edge technologies drive progress, but are they always worth it? It is crucial to consider their environmental impacts such as the amount of energy they require and the source of such energy

  • Arantxa Rodríguez (Head of Center of Excellence for Energy & Sustainability at Ferrovial)
  • Carrie Frais (moderator)
  • ClaireThornewill (Digital Strategy & Sustainability at Neoverv)
  • JordyKlanseen (Investment Manager at EnecoVentures)

Jury members in the startup competition

  • Mobility & Smart Cities (Juan Beneytez)
  • Energy Tech (Javier López)

Collaboration with Startups

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Cloud-based photogrammetry solution to monitor infrastructure projects.

View more

Automated risk analysis platform which helps to deliver on schedule.

View more

Beawre provides workflow transparency and traceability.

View more

ConTech integrator startup that helps enterprises source, deploy, and operate.

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4WD rover for autonomous surveying to layout with greater precision.

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Innovation-driven, deep-tech spin-off company of CERTH-HIT, providing solutions.

Lilium logo

Creating a sustainable and accessible mode of high-speed, regional transportation.

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Making 5G connectivity simple and scalable for devices and apps.

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Design and manufacturing of sustainable second-life li-ion batteries.

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Developer of photovoltaic solar technologies designed for sustainable and safer energy.

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BigML provide a user-friendly platform for machine learning.

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AI-based smart infrastructure platform making roads safer, smarter, and autonomous ready.

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Reporting and measuring impacts on biodiversity and natural capital.

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Platform for maintaining, testing and documenting mix designs while improving algorithms.

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A construction planning simulation and optimization platform.

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Cutting-edge tech to automate construction site photo documentation.

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Sustainable and smart construction materials.

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Automatically detects underground utility infrastructure in real time on-site.

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Subsurface mapping solutions with advanced sensors, 3D imaging and AI technologies.

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Lifecycle designer to deliver end-to-end carbon management and supply chain tracking.

What is South Summit?

South Summit is Southern Europe’s largest event on open innovation and entrepreneurship. The meeting seeks to connect startups, corporations and investors to develop business opportunities.

The event consists of a series of presentations and panels on various topics related to entrepreneurship and innovation. Experts in each area will participate in them. In the space where it takes place, La Nave in Madrid, there will be an area where the different companies will show their products and services, training workshops, and personal meetings.

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