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Datumate is a construction technology company that offers DatuBIM – a SaaS, cloud-based photogrammetry solution for stakeholders across the construction project lifecycle.

Using drone mapping and data analytics, DatuBIM enables these stakeholders to: 

  • Digitize infrastructure construction sites  
  • Monitor infrastructure projects in a quick, digital and automatic manner 
  • Reduce uncertainty, rework and costs 
  • Enable better collaboration, monitoring and control over design validation, construction progress and inspection processes 

The result – faster, more efficient and higher-quality project delivery. 

How we collaborate?

We have signed an enterprise agreement with Datumate. DatuBIM is currently being used by both Ferrovial Construction in Chile and Webber in the USA in over 50 sites and by more than 130 users. These users include engineers, project managers, and surveyors, who are using DatuBIM to: 

  • Easily visualize the progress of projects 
  • Plan the next site activities for the upcoming construction phase using design files 
  • Get automatic progress reporting (earthworks, cross-sections, etc.) and share with relevant stakeholders 
  • Compare site conditions with design to identify any deviations early on in the project lifecycle 
  • Access consistent and accurate documentation for each project 

For more information visit Datumate Website and video.

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