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BeePlanet Factory is a startup founded in March 2018, whose activity focuses on the design and manufacturing of sustainable second-life li-ion batteries using batteries from electric vehicles (EVs), promoting the circular economy.

As is known, EV batteries, at the end of their primary application, maintain an intact storage capacity of over 70%. Therefore, we research, develop, and implement technological solutions to successfully reintroduce electric vehicle batteries that have reached the end of their useful life in automotive applications. We refer to this battery reuse as Second-Life Applications.

How we collaborate?

The activities carried out by BeePlanet focus on various critical points in the battery value chain, including:

  1. Development of methodologies and tools to assess the condition of received batteries at the end of their first life, considering their heterogeneity (chemistry, voltage, power, etc.).
  2. Product design, aiming to minimize the manipulation of the original battery and maximize the utilization of its original components, making the system cost-competitive.
  3. Design of products for subsequent commercialization, considering the necessary quality standards to meet quality and safety requirements.
  4. Development of battery electronics and control (BMS). BeePlanet currently has its own development line in this area.
  5. Development of advanced control algorithms (SoX) for different batteries, tailored to the product applications.
  6. Development of energy management algorithms based on digital technologies for storage systems adapted to various existing applications.

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