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Neutroon is a platform making 5G connectivity simple and scalable for devices and apps in Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities.

Why private networks? 

Private means a cellular network is fully or partially on-premise, which offers many different benefits. Industries worldwide are replacing Wi-Fi with Private LTE & 5G for these reason. 

Reability: Cellular technologies in licensed bands minimize interference and risk of congestion compared to unlicensed options like Wi-Fi. This is key for mission-critical use cases 

Ultra-low latency: 5G coupled with on-premise edge computing can unlock the transformative potential of ultra-low latency applications like closed-loop quality control, autonomous robots and AR/VR 

Resiliency: A private network allows the customer to be in full control of the network reducing the dependency on MNOs regarding QoS and operational support 

Cibersecurity: SIM-grade physical authentication provides a highest level of security when compared to Wi-Fi 

Network slicing: SIM-grade physical authentication provides a highest level of security when compared to Wi-Fi 

Data Privacy: Sensitive data never leaves the private network to places you don’t control 

What is Neutroon? 

The Neutroon Platform.

Neutroon is a cloud-based management & orchestration software to control multiple distributed Private Networks supporting multiple vendors and technologies incl. LTE, 5G and Wi-Fi 

Neutroon provides an Admin Portal designed for the Private Network operator plus a Customer Portal that empowers local IT teams to adapt their networks to their needs independently 

How we collaborate?

Ferrovial deployed the UK’s first operational 5G SA (Standalone) private wireless network at one of its flagship infrastructure projects in London. Neutroon has been able to provide its expertise to us during the implementation of the private 5G network by validating their product and market vision.

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