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Mimicrete Ltd has been working on sustainable and smart construction materials.

The purpose is to enable smart concrete through self-healing technologies, which will be a critical component of long-term growth and will power the next generation of value, achieving the following objectives:

  • Durable & High-Performance Materials: By integrating self-healing technologies, Mimicrete aims to enhance the lifespan and structural integrity of constructions, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring long-lasting infrastructure.
  • Carbon Emission Reduction: Mimicrete’s innovative self-healing concrete solutions aim to reduce carbon emissions by optimizing material usage, minimizing waste, and promoting sustainable practices throughout the construction lifecycle.
  • Automatic Damage Detection & Healing: Mimicrete’s self-healing technologies enable automatic detection and repair of damage in concrete structures.
  • Lifecycle Maintenance: Mimicrete aims to minimize the need for frequent repairs, reduce maintenance efforts, and enhance the overall longevity of constructions, leading to substantial cost savings and increased sustainability.

How we collaborate?

Ensuring sustainability and durability in the built environment has always presented significant challenges. Recognizing this, we have started a partnership with Mimicrete to explore the potential of intelligent construction materials and solutions in tackling these challenges while adding substantial value to our business. As part of this collaboration, we have initiated a trial project with Mimicrete to test the efficacy of their vascular self-healing concrete.

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