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Exodigo is the new gold standard for non-intrusive discovery.

Its subsurface mapping solutions combine advanced sensors, 3D imaging, and AI technologies to provide a clear picture of the underground for customers across transportation, utilities, construction, and more.

Exodigo solves the underground by locating pipes, cables, soil layers, rocks, minerals, and even groundwater – so that partners can decide where to design and build safely, with confidence. Exodigo’s successful track record includes dozens of projects for industry-leading infrastructure owners like Caltrans, LA Metro, PG&E, and National Grid, engineering consulting firms like HNTB, and construction management firms like Granite and Vinci Construction across the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East.

How we collaborate?

Ferrovial regularly maintains and upgrades its critical utility and transportation infrastructure around the world, which requires an accurate understanding of subsurface asset locations and hazards. When one of its waterworks subsidiaries in Texas was expanding its wastewater treatment capacity, Ferrovial engaged Exodigo to determine brownfield site conditions with its multi-sensing fusion and AI technology. Exodigo scanned the area and created precise underground maps that Ferrovial used to guide subsequent planning for the facility expansion.

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