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Mixteresting´s management system serves as central plattform for maintaining, testing and documenting mix designs while acting as basis for continuous improvement of our algorithms.

Combines mathematical optimization, physical models and AI in a software tool that is able to propose new and promising concrete mix designs with a single click. This makes innovation cycles shorter, cheaper and reduces the number of laboratory experiments significantly. Their new optimization approach results in better reproducible concrete mixtures of higher quality , whose properties have a high stability. Given the specific use case, the tool automatically suggests new and better mix designs through self-adaptive algorithms.


  • SOFTWARE-AS-A-SERVICE: Fully managed software solution hosted in the cloud for maximum security and performance.
  • ENTERPRISE INTEGRATIONS: Provide customized data integrations, depending on your infrastructure. This includes API interfaces and excel integration for simple drag-and-drop upload of your existing data.
  • DOMAIN EXPERTS: Are experts in material science and mathematical optimization with a combinded experience of 50+ years in the industry.
  • SUSTAINABLE CONCRETE: Significant CO2 reductions through the need of less cement or the use of new materials
  • FASTER RESEARCH: AI can significantly reduce the number of iterations necessary to develop a new mix design.
  • BETTER RESULTS: The new optimization approach results in better reproducible concrete mixtures of higher quality, whose properties have a high stability.

How we collaborate?

Ferrovial has partnered with Mixteresting to understand the potential of the use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the design and optimisation of concrete mixes.

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