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Beawre is a game-changing SaaS platform revolutionizing the construction industry by addressing its critical challenges.

Traditional project management methods involving complex Excel spreadsheets and non-interoperable digital tools are now seen as inefficient and costly. Beawre offers a groundbreaking solution by harnessing generative AI as a co-pilot for construction project management, providing unparalleled control and foresight to project managers, engineers, planners, among other roles. It empowers them with predictive capabilities to anticipate future events, ensures real-time risk monitoring for proactive management, and communicates complex information in plain language, making it accessible for all stakeholders. Beawre’s transformative capabilities connect seamlessly with the existing digital ecosystem, without forcing tool replacement or workflow changes.

Beawre has emerged as a true industry disruptor, making a significant impact on the construction industry. It tackles the industry’s most critical challenges of delays and budget overruns, streamlining project management and optimizing resources. Its success is validated by numerous prestigious global awards and being recognized as the Microsoft Copilot for managing construction projects efficiently. By simplifying the complexities of construction project management, Beawre empowers teams to deliver projects on time and within budget. Its unwavering dedication to advancing the construction industry sets a new standard for excellence and innovation.

How we collaborate?

Ferrovial has successfully harnessed the power of Beawre’s innovative AI-based solution to address the challenges faced at the ITER project. With the complexity of the project and the multitude of tasks involved, Ferrovial needed a comprehensive tool to manage project schedules and minimize risks in real-time. By leveraging Beawre’s technology, Ferrovial has gained enhanced visibility and control over their workflows, allowing them to avoid delays and budget overruns.

Through real-time analysis and tracking of key drivers, Ferrovial can anticipate potential risks and take proactive measures to improve project performance. This cutting-edge solution has revolutionized their ability to manage documentation, predict workflow evolution, and mitigate risks associated with each document. With Beawre’s AI-driven technology, Ferrovial has taken a significant step forward in optimizing project management and reinforcing their commitment to innovation in the construction industry.

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