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SEKTOR is a Contech integrator startup that helps Enterprises to Source, Deploy and Operate best-of-class solutions in the market.

Widespread adoption of technology within Construction – an industry characterized by
project-based work – presents unique obstacles. The constant switching of platforms between
projects, the need to adapt to client-specific tool preferences, and the high turnover rate of the
workforce, all contribute to the complexity of this task.

SEKTOR has positioned itself as a solution to these challenges, providing a tech-enabled
service to ensure that the value of digital solutions isn’t simply theoretical, but translates into
tangible benefits on the ground.

With a strong team of Construction technology experts, SEKTOR assists in carefully selecting
the right technologies tailored to each project’s unique needs and client preferences. This
involves helping clients navigate through the maze of tech solutions available, to identify the
ones that can truly transform Construction operations.

Through a dedicated platform, SEKTOR experts provide support to teams in overcoming
implementation challenges and ensures that solutions are fully embedded and utilised in
everyday workflows. SEKTOR’s commitment to Digital Continuity ensures a seamless transition,
with comprehensive training for all stakeholders, day-to-day operational support, and readily
available in-house learning resources.

SEKTOR’s end-to-end service, goes beyond mere implementation. It fosters a digital-first
culture that maximizes ROI for technology investments and propels Enterprises to the forefront
of Innovation in the construction technology landscape.

How we collaborate?

Our collaboration with SEKTOR has spanned across multiple continents, from our home base in
Spain to our operations in the US, Chile, and Canada. The SEKTOR team, known for their
professionalism and problem-solving skills, has left a strong imprint globally with their dedicated
approach to surmounting challenges associated with technology adoption.

The feedback we’ve received from our projects worldwide has been overwhelmingly positive.
SEKTOR’s prowess extends from successfully rolling out and supporting OpenSpace implementations on a global scale, to integrating reality captures with our project management
tools and workflows. But, what stands out is their ability to foster maximum engagement and
drive widespread technology adoption across our diverse projects.

This blend of technical expertise, coupled with a deep understanding of our operational needs,
ensures that our teams are equipped with the right tools, training, and support, exactly when
and where needed. In SEKTOR, we have found a partner that not only understands our vision
but also transforms it into a reality by consistently delivering impactful results.

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