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Civ Robotics is a construction tech company that created the CivDot and CivDot+; autonomous layout rovers that enable teams to mark coordinates 8x faster with only one operator.

Their robotic construction layout solutions and intuitive mission planner ensures millimeter level accuracy of markings. Laying out coordinates has never been so precise, simple and efficient thanks to Civ Robotics. This autonomous surveying system empowers construction professionals to layout with greater precision and speed versus conventional methods. CivDot is a reliable, fast, and smart solution that provides a seamless layout experience for any project. The CivDot is a 4WD ground rover, with 10″ ground clearance and the ability to handle rough terrains with several tire options for mud and sand.

It is also weather resistant, allowing for worry free operation in harsh climates. Upload your blueprint in standard CSV or DXF format to CivPlan. Choose your starting point and CivDot will optimize the route and mark your points. If you’re a Trimble user, we have a plug-in for Trimble Business Center for seamless integration. CivDots can spray paint, draw dashed lines or laser point the exact position of the coordinate. Follow behind with your choice of physical marker (flags, nails and whiskers, stakes, paint) and our speaker will direct the operator with the point description.

At the end of the mission, you will receive a detailed report with marked coordinates and the ground elevation measurements.

How we collaborate?

Ferrovial has partnered with Civ Robotics to understand the potential of its rovers in our heavy civil projects.

South Summit 2023

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