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OpenSpace is a cutting-edge reality captures technology that leverages AI and 360° cameras to provide automated photo documentation of construction sites.

This innovative solution streamlines the tracking of construction progress, enhancing transparency and accountability while significantly saving time and resources. OpenSpace captures the complete details of a job site in minutes, effortlessly creating a visual record that is easy to review and share, thereby transforming the way project teams operate and communicate. OpenSpace’s global impact is demonstrated by its impressive reach and extensive utilization across the construction industry. The platform has captured over 15 billion square feet of construction projects, providing detailed visual documentation and essential data for projecttracking. It has engaged more than 128,000 users across 22,000+ projects worldwide,demonstrating its versatility and widespread acceptance. The platform’s presence extends to 91 countries, reflecting its universal appeal and its capacity to adapt to diverse construction environments and project requirements.

How we collaborate?

The relationship between Ferrovial and OpenSpace has led to a substantial evolution in how construction progress is managed and tracked. By integrating OpenSpace’s automated reality captures into our project management workflows, we have been able to provide real-time visibility and transparency into our global construction projects. This technology has not only saved time but also enhanced productivity by reducing the need for manual documentation and frequent site visits. Additionally, OpenSpace has been instrumental in expediting dispute resolution with its precise visual data, contributing to an overall improvement in project delivery and client satisfaction.

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