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RodRadar has developed a technological platform that automatically detects underground utility infrastructure in real time, on-site, without the need for expert analysis.

Damage to underground utility infrastructure during excavation is a problem that despite significant attempts to resolve, still costs the industry billions of dollars annually. The cost to the public can be anything from temporary inconvenience (service outages and traffic disruptions) to catastrophe (large-scale property damage and loss of life).

Construction and Utility companies, Contractors and Municipalities may have maps indicating the location of underground facilities, but they are frequently imprecise, incomplete and unreliable. Moreover, traditional pre-project utility mapping and surveying processes are costly and often ineffective.

To address this challenge, RodRadar has developed a unique and unprecedented technology platform solution, Live Dig Radar® (LDR), which automatically detects underground utility infrastructure in Real-Time, on site, without the need for expert analysis. RodRadar’s proprietary and patented GPR (ground penetrating radar) technology facilitates a new ecosystem of synergetic services and solutions that will modernize excavation, increase operator safety, improve productivity, and introduce project efficiencies.

RodRadar’s debut product, LDR Excavate™, integrates the company’s patented imaging radar technology into a digging bucket. Easily installed in both new and existing excavators, LDR Excavate provides both the novice and the most experienced operator real-time, easily understood alerts regarding the location and depth of any type of underground utilities before and during excavation.

How we collaborate?

Luis Amorim, Ferrovial’s Head of Open Innovation, visited RodRadar’s Israeli offices in late 2022. Following a successful LDR Excavate demo at its premises, and since avoiding utility strikes is of importance for increasing Ferrovial’s project safety and productivity, the companies have decided to move forward towards establishing strategic cooperation. As a first phase, the companies have kicked-off an LDR Alpha field evaluation activity in Texas with Webber, Ferrovial’s construction arm.

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