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Lifecycle designer to deliver end-to-end carbon management and supply chain tracking.

Looper is a lifecyle designer to help construction companies and manufacturers design and manage the climate/sustainability impacts over the whole lifecycle of their assets. The platform simplifies the journey of carbon management on projects and assets, and provides the capability to track the product-level carbon emission from the supply chain.

Looper empowers construction companies and their supply chain partners to process-map their production strategy effectively and accurately. By doing so, we enable them to acquire verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) documents at a fraction of the usual cost and time. Our collaboration with Ferrovial represents a significant stride towards sustainable construction practices, helping to reshape the industry’s approach to environmental responsibility.

How we collaborate?

Looper is currently collaborating with the Environments team from Ferrovial Construction, UK across several projects at London Heathrow Airport. The collaboration focuses on assessing whole life cycle carbon calculations, a critical factor in understanding and reducing a project’s environmental footprint. We achieve this through seamless data integration with Ferrovial’s supply chain, solving the prevalent issue of carbon data unavailability for various materials used during the project’s life cycle. 

By providing reliable and accurate data on carbon emissions, Looper assists Ferrovial and its partners in making informed and environmentally conscious decisions. Furthermore, Looper’s software accelerates the process of obtaining EPD documents, ultimately reducing costs and time associated with environmental compliance. 

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