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When we collaborate with large corporations, our goal is to join forces in search of mutual benefits, share good practices to develop and manage innovation and increase our power of attraction in the startup ecosystem.

Whether we develop a new solution together, share knowledge or achieve better startup maturity, our collaboration with other companies comes with mutual benefits for both parties. 

Within the context of new technologies (Artificial Intelligencevirtual realityblockchainBig Datamobility as a service5G technologies, among others) and the new disruptive business models that are arising, collaborating with other corporations makes it easier to stay up-to-date on technology trends. Knowledge sharing helps us better analyze the rapid evolution of technology.

We work alongside large corporations from sectors that are of interest to our business units and that work in areas that affect corporate operation management such as banking, telecommunications, systems integrators, public services and insurance companies, among others.

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