Since 1927, Ferrovial Agroman has accumulated more than 80 years’ experience, 50 years of international activity in 50 countries spread over 5 continents, and more than 675 projects with over 45 years of building and designing concession projects.

The division’s track record to date includes the building of more than 540 km of tunnels, 20,100 km of roads (including 4,500 km of motorways) and 5,200 km of railways (including 1,000 km of high speed lines), and the repair and maintenance of 30,400 km of roads. 45 million m2 has been built in industrial, residential and non-residential buildings, as well as; 41 airports, 148 dams, 3,850km of gas and oil pipelines, 230 water treatment plants, 4,119 km of canals, 33 km of docks and port infrastructures, and 31 hydroelectric plants.