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Jefferson Street Water Treatment Facility, TX

Laredo, Texas

  • $


  • 2013


The Jefferson Street Water Treatment Facility project included new installations and modifications to all phases of the plant.

PLW introduced new water screens in the raw water intake as well as more massive water pipelines to allow additional water to enter the plant.  A new flocculation basin and eight new sand and media filters were combined to process the excess incoming water.  PLW also constructed a modern 1 MG prestressed concrete Clearwell for another onsite storage capacity; Large backup generators were installed to ensure the plant could continue running even in the event of a power failure.

Improvements to the existing 65 MGD water treatment plant included construction of three electrical distribution facilities. The first consisted of chemical feed facilities, filter building, flow split structure, and electrical duct bank. The second distribution facility involved mechanical, process and piping improvements, as well as electrical, instrumentation and control enhancements. Finally, PLW added modifications to existing structures, miscellaneous HVAC, equipment, and local site improvements.  This project has upgraded many of the critical components of the plant so that it not only operates more efficiently but also increases capacity to ensure that success for years to come without the need for upgrades. 

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