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Quantum computing

Quantum Computing is an experimental computer architecture based on quantum theory that operates on the concept of a qubit.

Quantum Computing is an experimental computer architecture based on quantum theory. A minimal number of these quantum computers exist and operate on the concept of a qubit, which is a method of measuring the quantum state. 

Standard computers, or classical computers as they are often referred to, use bits (0’s and 1’s) for data and processing. Quantum computing uses quantum bits, which are called qubits. Qubits can be 0’s or 1’s, but they can also be 0 and 1 at the same time. 

Sean Ong, a YouTube personality known for explaining complex subjects, uses a coin as a metaphor. He compares the head and tail of a coin to bits. Heads being 0 and tails being 1. The coin can be placed in either a heads or tails position. That’s classical computing. 

However, if you take that coin and flip it in the air, it’s always turning. The coin is heads and tails at the same time when it’s in the air. That’s the idea behind quantum computing.

A regular computer will try combinations of bits one at a time until it finds the right answer. When you use quantum computing, it tries all the combinations at one time. 

What can you do with a quantum computer? 

Quantum computing is good at solving particular types of problems. AI is a great example and is probably the primary application for quantum computing. Artificial intelligence is based on a computer having the ability to learn from experience. It gets smarter and smarter as it receives more and more feedback. That feedback is based on the probabilities of hundreds and thousands of choices, making it ideal for quantum computing.

Weather forecasting is another match for quantum computing. Weather affects almost 30 percent of the US GDP, according to NOAA. Accessing more accurate weather predictions faster would be an enormous benefit. 

But we aren’t quite there yet. As mentioned earlier, quantum computing is still in the experimental phase. Still, some of the best scientists and the biggest technology companies are actively pursuing this new computing model. It’s just a matter of time until we see some significant breakthroughs.

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