Social Action

Ferrovial, through its Social Action Programs, sees investment in the community as a strategic instrument for the development of society and the environment in which it operates.

Ferrovial’s Corporate Responsibility Strategy, Plan 20.19, establishes lines of social action with specific programmes, in accordance with the company’s activity:

  • Community: Social Infrastructure, Accessibility to Public Spaces, Building Refurbishment.
  • Innovation: Research and Dissemination.
  • Environment: Carbon Footprint, Water Footprint and Energy Efficiency.

Ferrovial works with organisations such as Fundación Lealtad in order to ensure that the company’s standards of corporate governance and transparency are matched by the counterparts with which it collaborates.

Ferrovial’s main social action programmes reflect its commitment to its employees and its willingness to act as an agent of development.

Social Infrastructure

Through its Social Infrastructure programme, Ferrovial commits to international development aid projects as a participant and not as a mere donor.

Stronger Together

Ferrovial shares its commitment to the global needs of society and respect for human rights with its employees through its joint donation programme.

Social Action in Spain

  • Social inequality and fragility in Spain are increasing and intensifying  as a result of the crisis. Unemployment is rising; people who have lost their jobs have experienced a decline in living standards and are on the verge of social exclusion, competing for increasingly scarce social welfare benefits and aid. In view of this situation, social organisations have had to adapt and upgrade service centres to offer basic emergency help, such as the distribution of food and the delivery of aid packages.
  • As part of the Company’s community outreach in Spain, Ferrovial is helping refurbish and upgrade NGO premises that serve to palliate the effects of the economic crisis on disadvantaged groups of society.

Social Action in Spain