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Stronger Together

Since its creation in 2005, this program has been based on our commitment and that of our employees to the improvement of quality of life for people in vulnerable situations.

This social program has the goal of supporting projects carried out by private not-for-profit organizations legally founded and registered in Spain that focus on the following areas:

  • Social Action in Spain: projects attending to basic needs and social and occupational inclusion as part of the fight against poverty and marginalization in Spain; other assistance or socioeducational projects of interest due to their contribution to the people’s quality of life.
  • International Cooperation for development: intervention projects in developing countries for the purpose of the fight against poverty and marginalization.
  • Conservation of natural capital and biodiversity, with a tangible connection to local communities in terms of improvement of their social, economic or cultural conditions. Projects emphasizing sustainable use of forest, agricultural and ecotourism resources will be prioritized.

The program’s budget is equal to the total amount donated by our employees through their paychecks, plus the company’s contribution, which matches the amount contributed by employees.

Every year we hold a competition so that interested organizations may present their proposals. With attention to technical criteria, a first round of selection of projects will be carried out, and the donating employees will make the final selection of the winning projects by means of a vote.

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