Sustainability Policy

Ferrovial's Sustainability Policy takes into account six factors to manage the business strategy and therefore to develop sustainable infrastructures and cities.

highway built by ferrovial sustainability policy


We improve the future by developing and operating sustainable infrastructure and cities. Committed to the highest levels of operational excellence and innovation.  Creating value for society and for our clients, investors and employees.


  • Legal compliance and environmental risk management

We comply with national, local and sectoral environmental regulations, actively collaborating with regulators and other relevant stakeholders. We focus on pollution prevention as a way of minimizing negative impacts, controlling the risks of our activities and, if necessary, implementing contingency plans as necessary.

  • Collaboration with stakeholders

We foster mutual benefit in our relationship with our customers, suppliers and other external organizations to protect and improve the environment. We establish open channels of communication in order to create synergies, share experiences and best practices, taking advantage of the opportunities that allow us to create value for the Society.

  • Security and customer satisfaction

Our goal is to offer secure infrastructures and services, providing the best experience to our customers and users.

  • Training and Competition

We provide the necessary resources to educate and develop awareness in our employees, suppliers and subcontractors.

  • Continuous improvement and transparency

We seek the excellence in the exercise of our activity promoting continuous improvement, as well as our technical capacities and the efficiency in the processes. We develop performance objectives and indicators verified by independent third parties, in order to share knowledge and experience with other agents.

  • Eco-efficiency

We use natural resources and raw materials efficiently, using recycled materials when possible, as well as reducing waste and the water footprint of our activities.

  • Climate change

We manage the risks and opportunities linked to climate change in all our activities, offering low emission infrastructures and services.

  • Biodiversity and natural capital

We follow the principle of “no net loss” of biodiversity as a guideline to mitigate and compensate for the negative impacts of our activities.

Scope of application

This Policy is addressed to:

  • Ferrovial, S.A. and all of the companies that comprise the Group, whatever their area of business, geographical location or activities, as well as operation and business facilities, products and services, and distribution and logistics.
  • Members of the governing bodies of Ferrovial, S.A. or other companies of the Group (including supervisory boards or equivalent bodies).
  • Employees of any of the companies that comprise the Group.

The policy applies as well to suppliers, service providers and contractors and other relevant third parties during their contract or business relationship with Ferrovial.

For these purposes, “Group” or “Ferrovial” refer to both Ferrovial, S.A. and to the business group headed by that company, which includes all companies that are directly or indirectly controlled by Ferrovial, S.A. “Control” is understood to exist when the majority of the voting rights is held on the governing body.

Ferrovial will procure the principles established in this Policy are observed by all the companies in which it participates, including joint ventures and due diligence processes or any other company where Ferrovial has any influence

The Spanish version of this Policy will prevail in Spanish speaking countries. In all other countries, the English version will prevail.