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Control Systems and Analyzers

With our more than 30 years of experience, we work with every aspect of design, engineering, supply, installation, start-up, training, maintenance, and spare parts for control systems, instrumentation, and analyzer systems in this field.

We provide the value chain in order to handle the entire life cycle. This is why we have:

  • Our own integration and engineering team for control systems and for analysis and instrumentation systems.
  • Know-how & expertise in the leading brands of control systems and analyzers.
  • An independent integrator that can offer the most appropriate solution for each need.
  • Our own maintenance team, technical assistance, and training.

We’re also exclusive representatives for Spain and Portugal, including international projects of Spanish origin. We carry out all related activities, including studies on feasibility and process improvement, revamping existing facilities, authentication, positioning instruments, after-sales service and maintenance, and waste removal. Meeting the most demanding standards and certifications on the market.

For the Berthold firm, a world leader in non-contact measurement for critical processes in all types of industries, such as Oil and Gas, Iron and Steel, Paper, Mining, etc. industries. Specializing in the radiometric method since 1949.

For the Det-Tronics firm, a world leader in fire and gas detection equipment and systems at process plants through detectors.

We also offer development and implementation of innovative, sustainable solutions and services focused on predictive maintenance.


  • Equipment for monitoring and protecting rotary machines.
  • Software for monitoring and diagnosing conditions.
  • Integral IIOT management platform (Industry 4.0).


  • Developing maintenance strategies.
  • Implementing predictive maintenance programs.
  • Services for data acquisition, diagnostics, and advanced analytics.
  • Off-line and remote technical assistance service.
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