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Loop 12 Reconstruction

Irving, TX

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Webber Loop 12 project is located in Irving, Texas. The project consists of new construction and rehabilitation of existing lanes for four major highways: Loop 12, SH 114, SH 183, and SS 482.

The project consists of the reconstruction of 7.4 miles of SL 12 in Dallas, including the renovation of existing Interchanges between four major highways: State Loop 12, State Spur 482, State Highway 114 and 183.

The project scope of work involves construction of 32 new bridges, walls and concrete pavement, widening of existing main lanes and frontage roads. Additional work includes grading, subgrade stabilization, drainage, water, sanitary sewer, flatwork, signals, illumination, ITS, signing, pavement markings, landscape and irrigation.

The project is scheduled to last 36 months, and the first milestone of the project was achieved by completing civil work for SH 114 Toll Gantry/SL12 TRDMS within 90 days of the start of construction.

The bridge work on the project is significant and most critical. The project team has already accomplished more than 220 drilled shafts and completed more than 70 bridge substructure pours.

The project was bid in an A + B proposal, considering project cost and schedule. This proposal method helps reduce the time that the traffic will be affected by construction while also considering low bid price.  The project will save commuters time navigating this area with improved connectivity and the ability to avoid the traffic congestion normally seen here during peak traffic times.

Webber has implemented several Value Engineering proposals to advance work areas around the project ahead of planned sequence. With the help of Engineering Services department, several more implementations are expected to continue advancing work and creating value.

During the past months a significant amount of temporary protective barrier has been implemented and access created for future work areas. In addition, the Webber team has already constructed two temporary detours and switched traffic in order to open work areas. Several more detours are currently in progress in order to accomplish the same.

Webber is expecting the continued development of significant works in the first quarter of 2021: temporary shoring, MSE retaining walls, concrete girders, Bridge decks, and concrete paving.

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