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Cintra’s Economic Development and Social Impact Report

Cintra roadways are responsible for $17.2 B in GDP in Texas.

Based in Austin, Texas, our experience spans 50+ years of innovative highway development and construction. We’ve worked with Steer consulting firm to prepare Cintra’s Economic Development and Social Impact Report, which analyzes Cintra-managed highways in the areas that we operate.

Highlighted Data*

Expenditure Impacts to Date

in GDP
in salaried worker earnings
FTE job-years

Socioeconomic Impacts to Date

  • $

    Socioeconomic benefits

*All monetary values refer to cumulated benefits until December 31, 2021 and are expressed in USD 2021. Full Time Equivalent (FTE) jobs are measured in job-years. 

1 million daily trips

In Texas, more than one million trips are taken each day across all lanes in Cintra-managed corridors. 

We are committed to helping accelerate the state’s economic growth and ensuring Texas remains the pre-eminent place to do business in America. 

Cintra and its public partners work to improve transportation infrastructure in our fastest-growing regions, creating the best in public-private partnerships and innovative 21st-century solutions.  

  • Over


    drivers per year travel on Cintra’s corridors

  • Over


    local companies utilized

  • Nearly


    in P3 highway creation

Innovative transportation solutions across the U.S. 

We support key infrastructure projects, developing innovative solutions that envision autonomous technologies of the future.

Learn more about our highways.

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Economic Development and Social Impact Report


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