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Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is an innovation program created by the European Union which aims to promote research and innovation activities during the period 2014-2020

We participate actively in the EU’s Horizon 2020  framework program, through which a large part of its research and investigation activities for the period 2014-2020 are channeled.

H2020 covers all stages of innovation, from the generation of knowledge to activities  closely related to the market. By focusing on three main areas, the program contributes to tackling the main societal challenges, boosting industrial leadership in Europe and help strengthen the excellence of its science base. The European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT) is also part of Horizon 2020 and covers research, training and enterprise creation activities through its knowledge communities (KIC).

Strategic Aims of the Program

  1. Creation of excellent science.
  2. Development of technologies and their potential application to improve European competitiveness, such as Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs), nanotechnologies, advanced manufacturing, biotechnology and space.
  3. Carry out research on the key issues affecting European citizens, with six basic areas for a better quality of life: health, food and agriculture, including science of the sea, energy, transport, climate and raw materials, inclusive societies and safety.

Throughout the Horizon 2020 program,   we have participated, and will continue to participate, either as a member or project leader, in several projects developed together with other companies, research centers and SMEs.

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