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Chimbote Road Project in Peru

Chimbote, Peru

  • 29.7

    km length

  • 28500

    m3 of concrete

  • 2100

    Ton of steel

The Chimbote Road Project in Peru consists of the construction of 29.7 kilometers of dual carriageway. It will contribute to decongesting traffic in the city of Chimbote in northern Peru and reduce travel times on this stretch by 30 to 45 minutes.

In addition to the main roadway, complementary infrastructure is also being developed, including two bridges, three roundabouts, six subways, auxiliary roads, and the execution of transversal irrigation infrastructure consisting of the construction of concrete frame culverts, siphons, technified irrigation, and the relocation and new construction of geomembrane reservoirs and concrete, geomembrane and/or earth channels along the entire length of the road.

The project, which started in 2021, is surrounded by agricultural areas, notable for their potential for sustainability, both environmentally and socially. The work will be completed by mid-2024.

Development of the Chimbote road project construction site in Peru

In order to minimize the impact of road construction on local communities and the environment, various initiatives have been implemented to protect and improve the quality of life of the localities near the project and the environment. As a result, and during the development of the activities, the consortium formed with Acciona Construcción has executed the works, guaranteeing at all times the continuity of the water supply through the existing transversal infrastructure and an exhaustive dust control and mitigation plan to interconnect the construction with the agricultural component of the area and to maintain a healthy and integrated social environment with this new road infrastructure.

Training programs and community support

Among other activities, a training program for farmers was set up to promote local employability and improve water resource management. In this way, locals have learned about the opportunities offered by a technified irrigation system, which will allow them to increase crop yields and make more efficient use of water.

A work plan has been created within the country’s regulatory framework where campaigns and awareness-raising services associated with waste control, environmental pollution, energy saving, dust control and mitigation, among other issues, have been carried out for local populations, farmers, and schools.

In the same way, during the year 2023, we worked together with the Municipality of Nuevo Chimbote and the CVC to carry out a campaign to raise awareness and recycle solid waste. Through this municipality’s segregation at source program for the selective collection of solid waste, the population has been taught the importance of properly separating their waste.

During the Christmas holiday, the project has strengthened its social aid values and consolidated its relationship with the main communities of influence that are being directly impacted by its construction activities. More than 605 children in 2022 and 1000 children in 2023 were supported within the direct area of influence.

As a result of the social management carried out, we have been recognized with the Golden Spike award as “Builder of the Year”.

Construction Process

Innovation, a key element for achieving the objectives of the project

The use of technology has been decisive in this project, where the use of drones has been of great help in monitoring the work. Thanks to this working tool, it has been possible to monitor developments on the work site. In a broader sense, it has also allowed us to detect points for improvement, optimize resources, and mitigate the presence of possible undesired events in terms of Occupational Health and Safety.

Equally important was the use of other tools such as Power BI, which through graphs, KPIs, indicators and trend curves has allowed us to monitor the specific needs of the project, updating and expanding its use as the different phases of the construction process develop and making it possible to detect needs at an early stage and thus strengthen and enhance those areas of work and/or resources in order to meet the objectives set.

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