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Puerta de América Hotel

Madrid, Spain

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    Multicultural Hotel

The first multicultural hotel in Spain aimed at creating a space which serves to inspire the imagination and the senses of visitors. The facade of the hotel includes passages in various languages from the poem “Freedom” by Paul Eluard, and each artist from the team was responsible for the design of one floor of the building.

Those who took part were:

  • Jean Nouvel: responsible for the 12th floor and the facade. The French architect wanted to convey a senseof art crossing with architecture that “allows people to experience fantastic moments and creates small worlds for everyone’s enjoyment.”
  • Javier Mariscal (Estudios Mariscal): 11th floor
  • Arata Isozaki: 10th floor
  • Richard Gluckman (Clukman Mayner Architects): 9th floor
  • Kathryn Findlay (Ushida Findlay Architects): 8th floor
  • Marc Newson: 7th floor & bar
  • Ron Arad (Ron Arad Associates): 6th floor
  • Victorio & Luchino: 5th floor
  • Eva Castro & Hoger Kehne (Plasma Studio): 4th floor
  • David Chipperfield (David Chipperfield Architects): 3rd floor
  • Norman Foster (Foster & Partners Ltd): 2nd floor
  • Zaha Hadid: 1st floor
  • John Pawson: Common areas

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