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Underground works on the M-30 Road

Madrid, Spain

  • 620

    meters length

  • 46


The M-30 is a ring road that goes around the center of the city of Madrid; along its route, it connects with the main national highways. The project consists of taking the 620 meters of the M-30 that run under the old grandstand of the Vicente Calderón stadium underground.

The construction work on the M-30 underground project, which is being executed in consortium, is being carried out on the left bank of the Manzanares River (Arganzuela) between the Toledo and San Isidro bridges. It includes taking that stretch of the M-30 underground.

The project’s aim is to make the Calle 30 tunnel route continuous. This section is the only part of the southern arc that remained above ground because it ran under the western grandstand of the Vicente Calderón stadium. It will also help improve mobility safety on the M-30 as it passes through the site.

The works will expand the surface of Madrid Río, the iconic urban park that runs alongside the Manzanares River. By offering access to the river from the city in this way, the M-30 no longer poses a physical barrier. This new expansion will be turned into a green area covered with trees and shrubs.

What do the M-30 underground works entail?

The project will entail building a 620-meter-long cut-and-cover tunnel with a variable width ranging from 26 meters at the southern entrance to just over 21 meters at the northern entrance. The new infrastructure will have all the facilities and services necessary for its operation, particularly those for ventilation, fire management, and traffic control. The new facilities will be integrated into the surrounding sections of Calle 30.

In the first phase of construction at the Mahou-Calderón area, work was carried out within the enclosure formed by the river and the M-30 detour. With a planned duration of 20 months, construction will be carried out while keeping traffic on the M-30 flowing at all times in both directions via a provisional detour built under the demolition of the stadium.

Projects with Calle 30

In addition to this work on the M-30, along with Calle 30 we have worked on other underground projects. Specifically, these include in the South Bypass project, the North Tunnel, and the underground works on the stretch between the Segovia Bridge and the San Isidro Bridge.

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