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What are business security systems?

Business security systems are a set of devices (hardware) and operating systems (software) that serve to protect both the physical and digital space in which a company is based. This is achieved through networking sensors, cameras, alarms, access controls, and operating systems, which help detect if undue access or action has been verified, as well as the mechanisms through which this was carried out and sometimes even the identity of the actor.

What are business security systems for?

Business security systems are essential for protecting a company’s assets and infrastructure, as well as the integrity and privacy of those who work there.

Digital security defends data, software and hardware, business secrets, and sensitive information belonging to staff and customers. As for physical security, it protects the workplace, employees’ personal property, equipment, furniture, etc.

Security systems protect companies from theft and vandalism, make it possible to report events legally, and are quite useful for developing research. While not their main objective, these systems are also useful for detecting accidents in a timely manner if these may cause damage to the company, such as fires, pipe breaks, etc.

What are the main threats to a company’s digital security?

  • Backdoor attack:  In computing, backdoors are terms or procedures by which a system can be accessed by bypassing authentication systems. They are usually programmed for practical purposes, but their purpose can be subverted for malicious intents.
  • DoS attack: Denial of Service, known as DoS, is a type of attack where excessive demands are falsely generated to collapse the systems, thus making it impossible to use.
  • Malware: in this type of attack, a third party accesses a system and encrypts all the data. They then request a financial ransom in exchange for the decryption key.
  • Theft of access keys: this is usually achieved by breaching some physical security system (theft of equipment, copying information, etc.), which makes it possible to know the access keys to the system and manipulate it.

What are the main devices used in physical security systems for companies?

  • Access panels and identity verification systems: these prevention mechanisms aim to prevent unauthorized persons’ access to the company or parts of it. They may use access codes, special keys (serial or encrypted), or biometrics.
  • Motion sensors: located at strategic points, these can be used to detect intrusions (for example, movements at access points during closing hours) or to activate security cameras.
  • Security cameras: closed circuit television (CCTV) or video cameras offer a visual record of activity in an area.
  • Monitoring applications: this type of software puts all devices in communication with each other, as well as the security systems, with the security managers in the company and the relevant agencies.
  • Emergency button and immediate police notification: depending on the nature of the company, it may be useful to install emergency buttons with silent alarms and immediate police notification. Thanks to emergency buttons, workers can activate the safety devices quickly and unnoticed. Immediate police notification can also be activated automatically by the alarms in case of a break-in at hours outside normal business activity.
  • Intercom devices: these can be installed on security panels, cameras, or other spots independently. They offer a channel of spoken communication between staff members, but also to intervene remotely in dangerous situations.
  • Alarm: this security device warns that a violation of security systems has occurred. The alarm may be audible or silent. An audible alarm is used during closing hours as a deterrent mechanism to prevent or interrupt unwanted actions. The audible alarm warns security personnel, violators, and neighbors. The silent alarm, on the other hand, is usually used when the company is fully operational at the time of a security breach; as it does not produce any sound or alert message at the company headquarters, the silent alarm immediately warns those who can intervene to stop the situation, such as security personnel or police organizations.

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