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Wildlife Corridors Specifically for Bats

Alicante, Spain

Developing a new design for wildlife corridors specifically for bats

Development for the design of wildlife corridors along the A-7 highway, Barranco de la Batalla junction (Alicante), in a way that protects this native species.

Ferrovial Construction is currently evaluating the use of a new animal corridor specifically for bats (Chiroptera) on the Barranco de la Batalla stretch of the A-7 motorway in Alicante. The aim is to design and build an alternative to the current corridor for this species.

Given the unique way in which bats travel, the company proposes a light structure which will fulfil the aim of avoiding fragmentation of bat populations, whilst not incurring the huge costs of a large infrastructure such as a false tunnel.

Moreover, this solution would also include a period of evaluation and monitoring of the new structure to verify both the results of the programme and its efficiency in allowing bats to cross freely.

The main advantages of the Project are as follows:

  • Reduction in the number of bats killed through collision with cars on the roads.
  • Reduction in the time required to build this specific bat crossing.
  • Reduction in costs, allowing the design to be replicated in any other location where a specific corridor for this particular species is required.
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