Ferrovial Services International

  • 463 M € Sales
  • 19 M € EBITDA
  • 1,533 M € Order book

In recent years, one of the strategic priorities of Ferrovial Services has been the expansion of its activities in new territories. The strategy is based either on creating a new company or, in other cases, on acquiring local companies as a method for speeding up expansion.

Ferrovial Services’ main aim internationally is to contribute to the profitable growth of the company and the markets where it operates: United States, Canada, Chile, Poland, Portugal and Qatar. For this purpose, we tap into our know-how, our experience and our differential capacities for the professional development of the industry and for cities and infrastructure services.

In the United States and Canada, we serve the transport and oil and gas sectors. In Chile, Ferrovial Services provides services to mining and facility management through Steel Ferrovial Services, while in Poland, we provide environmental, facility management and infrastructure maintenance services, through FBSerwis. In Portugal, our operations include municipal and industrial services, waste treatment and management, infrastructure and maintenance of green spaces, while in Qatar, Ferrovial Services provides various facility management services at Doha Airport.

United States and Canada

united states and acanada tunnel in miami infrastructure

In the United States, Ferrovial Services provides services to the transport and oil and gas infrastructure sectors, in both the private and public spheres. The company operates in more than ten US states, including California, Texas and Florida, and in three Canadian provinces (New Brunswick, Ontario and Calgary).

For the transport infrastructure sector, Ferrovial Services in the United States performs tunnel operation and maintenance services, infrastructure and winter road maintenance, emergency assistance, security, lighting, signalling, CCTV, inspections, and others. The company conducts maintenance and upkeep for the road tunnel network in Florida.

In the industrial oil and gas sector, we serve the entire supply chain, from locating and extracting raw materials to processing and transforming them into a finished product. Our services include routine maintenance, maintenance during scheduled plant shutdowns, and construction and specialised and support services for operations such as the monitoring of new wells. We implement contract services for companies like Chevron and LyondellBasell.


Ferrovial Servicios Chile

In Chile, Ferrovial Services operates through Steel Ferrovial Servicios, a company that provides services to the mining industry and whose main activities are industrial maintenance and heavy machinery operation and maintenance. These activities are carried out in mineral (mainly copper) extraction and processing facilities.

Steel Ferrovial Servicios has won a contract for integral cleaning services on Pierce Smith converter hoods and shells, refining furnaces, an electric furnace pit and other items for Codelco’s smelting and refinery department, Chuquicamata division. Codelco is the main client of Steel Ferrovial Servicios and the world’s top copper producer, holding approximately ten per cent of world reserves.


Ferrovial Servicios Polonia

In Poland, Ferrovial Services operates through FBSerwis, a joint venture with Budimex the biggest Polish construction company and part of Ferrovial. The activities of FBSerwis cover the entire range of services offered by Ferrovial Services and its main contracts include the maintenance of the national stadium of Warsaw and the A4 highway.In addition, Ferrovial Services is in charge of designing and building a waste-to-energy thermal plant to serve the 300,000 inhabitants of the city of Bialystok. The plant will have a treating capacity of 120,000 tonnes of waste per year and will generate 17.5 MWth.


Ferrovial Servicios Catar

In 2012 we launched our operations in Qatar. The Qatar Public Works Authority (SHGHAL) chose Ferrovial Services to provide consulting services on managing and improving the country’s road network over a five-year period.SHGHAL is the body responsible for planning, designing, building and managing Qatar’s road infrastructures. Under this contract Ferrovial Services is to advise on the upgrading of policies and procedures linked to road operation and maintenance, customer service and financial management, among other functions.In addition, in 2013 we have won major awards to provide facility management services in Doha’s new airport.


Ferrovial Servicios Portugal

Ferrovial Serviços in Portugal provides urban and industrial services, waste treatment and management services, infrastructure management and maintenance of green spaces. Ferrovial Serviços is one of Portugal’s leading private waste management companies, and provides a large diversity of services for the public and private sector within the municipalities of Planalto Beirão, Maia and Oeiras.

One of its major contracts is for  operation of the Lipor II landfill, in the city of Maia, in the north of Portugal. The facilities, which are equipped with an energy recovery plant, provide treatment and storage of waste and leachate. The company is also responsible for operation, maintenance, monitoring and environmental control of the landfill.

Ferrovial Serviços was also recently awarded a contract for Facility Management in building maintenance.