Energy and Facility Management

Energy efficiency legislation is changing in order to reach more efficient, sustainable service models and conservation measures to reduce energy consumption. Therefore, the services market is gradually maturing and integrating a significant number of activities to improve the effectiveness of customers' primary activities.


energia y facility management infraestructuras

The Center of Excellence for Energy and FM is centered on implementing innovative services in the field of Energy and Facility Management.

It also focuses on determining skills and sharing them with other countries and analyzing best practices. All of this is in the areas of energy efficiency and comprehensive facility management. As such, the Center of Excellence for Energy and FM is a leader in the design, financing, construction, and operation of energy efficiency solutions for buildings, street lighting, and industrial facilities. On the other hand, the center’s knowledge and experience in FM allows it to aid in the maintenance of any facility. It therefore focuses on energy management to improve efficiency for clients in the public and private sectors and facility management in its broadest sense, tailored to the needs and operations of clients (that is, maintenance for buildings, call centers, logistics, and industrial technical services).

The Center of Excellence aims to develop new technical capabilities and differential solutions, promote a network of experts, and foster global sharing of knowledge and best practices and international collaboration between all business units and geographies across which Ferrovial Services operates. Considering innovation and sustainability to be its axes, the Center provides support for the company’s entire business cycle, from strategic planning, business development, and the bidding process, to contract start-up and operation. Depending on the services provided and the degree of market maturity in each country, this Center adapts to each environment in order to offer personalized support.

As for the Energy field, the Center is specialized in energy management in the broad sense, including the development of technologies for improving efficiency, both for public and private clients, such as outdoor and indoor lighting, heating and hot water production, air conditioning, network optimization, and tele-management. In addition, the Center provides solutions specific to the industrial environment, which are tailored to the customer’s operations and allow substantial reductions in the cost of energy for their production plants.

The Center for Excellence is also working on new integrated service offerings for Facility Management, including comprehensive maintenance for buildings and facilities, ancillary services, call center management and customer service, technical cleaning, logistics, industrial technical services, and transportation services, among others.


The Center does everything from initial studies, design adaptations, and bidding, to supervision during construction, ongoing support, and research and development on solutions for waste management, treatment, and recycling.


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