Energy and Facility Management

Centre of Excellence for Energy and Facility Management

energia y facility management infraestructuras

The Centre of Excellence for Energy and FM focusses its activity on the implementation of innovative services in the area of Energy and Facility Management.

With regards to Energy, the Centre of Excellence is specialised in energy management in the broadest sense, including the development of technologies to enhance efficiency, both public and private sector clients, indoor and outdoor lighting, heat and hot water production, climate control, optimisation of  networks, and telecontrol. The Centre also offers specific solutions for industry that are tailored to clients’ operations and provide substantial energy savings in production plants.

Moreover, the Centre of Excellence is currently developing new integrated service offerings in the area of Facility Management, covering end-to-end maintenance of buildings and installations, ancillary services, call centre and customer care solutions, technical cleaning, logistics, industrial technical services, transport services, amongst others.

​The goal of the Centre of Excellence is to develop new technical capacities and distinctive solutions, develop a network of experts, and foster global knowledge transfer and best practices coupled with international cooperation between all the business units and the geographies where Ferrovial Services operates. With innovation and sustainability as its primary focuses, the Centre supports the company’s entire business cycle, from strategic planning through business development and bidding to commissioning and operation. The Centre adapts to each situation to offer customised support on the basis of the services being provided and the maturity of the country’s markets.