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What We Do?

We offer comprehensive solutions to foundation challenges in all areas of construction.

We are the leading company in the Spanish market in the design and execution of Micropiling, Anchoring, and Ground Injection techniques, offering differentiating solutions of significant value to our customers.

Areas where we apply our foundation solutions:

  • Infrastructure and civil works projects.
  • Residential and industrial buildings.
  • Consolidation of existing structures
  • Restoration of historical heritage buildings.
  • Containment structures.
  • Slope stabilization.
  • Umbrella arches in tunnels.
  • Injections and improvement of the terrain.

Our commitment to excellence brings:

  • Technical assistance throughout the entire life cycle of the project (from tender to execution).
  • Engineering solutions for highly complex geotechnical challenges.
  • Technical staff and operators with extensive experience in the sector.
  • Using the most cutting-edge drilling techniques.

Our Areas of Expertise


We execute all types of vertical and sub-vertical micropiles with drilling diameters from 90 to 350 mm using different drilling techniques, casing, permanent casings, and those with tubular or bar trusses, which enable us to execute this type of deep foundation in any type of terrain.


We execute all types of ground anchors with drilling diameters from 90 to 350 mm using different drilling techniques, casing, permanent casings, cable or bar types, temporary and permanent, and self-drilling systems, adapting to the characteristics of the terrain and work conditions, optimizing the solution for a guaranteed execution.

Injections into the Ground

Ground improvement treatments through injections of all kinds.

Leaders in the Use of High-Tech Drilling Systems

  • Limiting soil disturbance and the impact on adjacent structures.
  • Using a Down the Hole hammer and air as drilling fluid.
  • Innovative drilling systems: Odex, Rotaodex, Elemex, Spiral Flush, Durawing, Hyperbit, and Symetrix.
  • Use of a Titan Preventer system for installing micropiles/anchors under the water table.
  • Increased use of permanent cladding (permanent casing) to improve production, with the possibility of using it as a structural element.
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