Stronger Together

The program Stronger Together (Juntos Sumamos) encourages the company and its employees to work together to meet the universal needs of society and stop Human Rights violations.

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Ferrovial’s “Stronger Together” programme has been running since 2005, based on a shared commitment by the company and its employees to address global society’s needs.

Under this initiative, Ferrovial employees donate a portion of their monthly salary to a social project, and these funds are matched by Ferrovial. Stronger Together has expanded steadily; to date, the company and its employees have donated over one million euro to 18 projects.

The procedure for choosing projects favours employee participation and transparency: each year, a commission of experts in community action at Ferrovial analyses applications from NGOs and shortlists the best projects; then, employees vote to choose one project.

Any NGO that meets the following conditions is eligible to apply:

  • Foundations or institutions declared to be of public interest in Spain, that have been in existence for at least 3 years.
  • At least 3 years’ experienceworking in the region and the project’s specific field.
  • Transparency: annual accounts are audited externally.

The “Stronger Together” programme seeks to support projects implemented by private non-profit organisations that are incorporated and registered in Spain, as a commitment shared by Ferrovial and its employees to improving living conditions for people at risk of social exclusion.

Under this approach, the programme is open to projects in the following fields:

International development cooperation:intervention projects in Southern countries which aim to combat poverty and exclusion in the framework of the Millennium Development Goals.

Community action in Spain:projects to meet basic needs and provide social and labour market insertion in the framework of combating poverty in Spain; other projects of interest due to their contribution to improving living standards through assistance or social/educational initiatives.

Conservation of natural capital and biodiversity, with a tangible link to local communities in terms of improving their social, economic or cultural conditions. Priority will be given to projects that emphasise the sustainable use of forestry, agriculture (including traditional practices) and eco-tourism resources.

Main programs and initiatives

Ferrovial invites participation in its programs by sending collaboration proposals to non-profit making organizations for social action which have been legally incorporated in Spain and which are registered with a declared social vocation to attend and assist groups with which the company is involved:

  • International Cooperation for development: action in countries in the South aimed at combating poverty and exclusion within the framework of the Millennium Development Goals.
  • Improve the quality of life and integration of disabled people in society: care and attention, special education, job opportunities, access to public buildings and encouragement and assistance to families and disabled people, helping them to live an independent life.
  • Rehabilitation of historic heritage.
  • Environment: conservation of natural resources and combating climate change.

Special consideration will be given to the applicant’s compliance with the following conditions:

Procurement of a statement of Public Utility accredited by the Ministry of the Interior or failing this, the appropriate autonomous regional body, for those entities applying with the legal personality of an association.

  • Being recorded in the appropriate register for a minimum period of 3 years at the time that the convocation is published.
  • Demonstration of 3 years’ work experience with the group for which the project is destined.
  • The necessary structures should be in place to ensure that the project goals are achieved.
  • A social centre should be located in national territory.
  • The entity should be up to date with payment of its tax and employment obligations.

We welcome you to take part in our programs and send your proposals for collaboration. The rules of the competition effect and the registration form will appear on the Ferrovial website during the periods established.

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