GHG emissions (Scope 1 & Scope 2)

Under this scope, GHG emissions (Greenhouse Gas) caused by Ferrovial activities are classified as follows:

  • Diffuse emissions. Emissions not associated with a given emitting source, as is the case with biogas emissions from a landfill.
  • Electricity. Indirect GHG emissions are emissions resulting from the consumption of electricity bought from other companies which produce or control it.
  • Stationary Equipment. They are those fixed equipments such as generators, boilers, furnaces, burners, turbines, heaters, incinerators, engines, flamers, etc. that use fossil fuels to generate heat, electricity or steam or used to carry out a process of the company. The machinery used in construction is also included in this group.
  • Fugitive. From the consumption of refrigerants. These emissions are insignificant compared with the other emissions.
  • Mobile. From the combustion of fuels in vehicles and motorbikes managed by the company.


Category 2016
Scope 1 611,859 tCO2eq
Fugitive 71 tCO2eq
Mobile 284,649 tC02eq
Stationary 164,099 tC02eq
Stationary Machinery 159,450 tC02eq
Stationary Heating 4,559 tC02eq
Diffuse 163,131 tC02eq
Scope 2 96,988 tC02eq
Electricity 98,988 tC02eq
Total Verified Emissions  3,712,975 tCO2eq