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What are granite constructions?

Granite constructions are those in which granite is used as the main material for erecting buildings, structures or specific elements of a construction project.

What is granite?

Granite is an igneous rock formed by the slow solidification of magma in the earth’s crust. Its strength, durability and aesthetic appeal have made it a prized material used in construction since ancient times.

What are the characteristics of granite?

Granite rock has excellent hardness and strength. This allows it to withstand high loads, impacts and adverse weather conditions without significant damage. It is resistant to wear, abrasion and discoloration, making it an ideal material for buildings that are expected to last for decades or even centuries

Granite offers a variety of colors and textures with shades ranging from black and dark and light grays to creamy whites, as well as green, red, salmon or purple. In the past, the fine polished finish of granite was extremely difficult to achieve, but today there is technology that makes it possible.

This mineral has very low natural porosity, which makes it resistant to moisture absorption and deterioration caused by freezing and thawing. This makes it suitable for outdoor and wet applications.

Granite is relatively easy to maintain. It can be cleaned with water and mild soap. It is advisable to apply a sealer periodically to protect the finish. The frequency of sealing can vary greatly depending on the composition of the granite and the conditions to which it is exposed, but it is a simple treatment that can last for years.

What are the most common uses of the granite in construction?

Granite can be used as a dimension stone or as a cladding stone in a wide variety of constructions.

Due to its impermeability, it is ideal and frequent for the construction of breakwaters or jetties that will be exposed to constant water erosion for a long time. This same quality makes it an ideal material for the construction of reservoirs, bridges or submerged foundations of all kinds of constructions.  

Historically, granite has been used in the construction of monuments and memorial sculptures because of its strength and enduring beauty. A famous example is Mount Rushmore in the United States.

Granite is a popular material for cladding building facades, providing an attractive and durable appearance.

It is also used for installing floors and kitchen worktops.

What are the disadvantages of granite?

Granite is considered a high-end material, so its cost can be a constraint for projects on a tight budget. On the other hand, its installation and handling can be complicated compared to other materials due to its weight, especially when used in large constructions such as multi-story buildings.

Although granite is generally stain resistant, certain types of granite may be sensitive to acids present in some cleaning products or foods.

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