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Within the framework of the Ferrovial Flexible Dividend Program, the Company announces the closure of a paid up capital increase of €1,306,256.60 and a payment in cash to its shareholders of approximately €136mn.

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Published on 11/22/2019

Increases and decreases of share capital. – Information on dividends

Pursuant to article 227 of the Consolidated Text of the Spanish Securities Market Act (Texto Refundido de la Ley del Mercado de Valores), FERROVIAL, S.A. (the “Company” or “Ferrovial”) reports the following:

Further to the communication submitted on 30 October 2019 (registration number 283,119), Ferrovial hereby informs that on 20 November 2019 the trading period of the free-of-charge allocation rights related to the second paid-up capital increase implementing the shareholders remuneration scheme called “Ferrovial Flexible Dividend”, ended.

Holders of 55.28% of free-of-charge allocation rights (a total of 411,470,829 rights) received new shares of Ferrovial. Therefore, the final number of ordinary shares of twenty euro cents (€0.20) par value each issued in the capital increase is 6,531,283, where the nominal amount of the increase is 1,306,256.60 euro, representing an increase of approximately 0.877% of the share capital of Ferrovial before the capital increase.

Within the period provided for that purpose, holders of 44.72% of free-of-charge allocation rights accepted the irrevocable purchase commitment undertaken by the Company. Accordingly, Ferrovial acquired 332,921,487 rights for a total gross amount of 135,831,966.70 euros. The Company waived the shares corresponding to the free-of-charge allocation rights acquired under the mentioned purchase commitment.

The capital increase has been closed today on 22 November 2019.

According to the schedule for the execution of the capital increase, the cash payment to shareholders who sold their free-of-charge rights to Ferrovial has been made today 22 November 2019.

It is expected, subject to compliance with all legal requirements (and, particularly, the verification by the Spanish Securities Market Commission of that compliance), that the new shares will be admitted to listing on the Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia Stock Exchanges through the Automated Quotation System (Sistema de Interconexión Bursátil) (Continuous Market), on 5 December 2019 and that their ordinary trading begin on 6 December 2019.

Madrid, 22 November 2019

Santiago Ortiz Vaamonde

Secretary no Director of the Board of Directors of Ferrovial, S.A.

English translation for information purposes only. In the event of discrepancies between the English and the Spanish version, the Spanish version shall prevail.


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