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Transactions carried out by Ferrovial, S.A. under its share buy-back programme between 1 and 7 August 2014

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Published on 08/08/2014

Buy-back programmes, stabilisation and treasury stock

Pursuant to Article 82 of the Spanish Securities Market Act (Ley del Mercado de Valores), FERROVIAL, S.A. (the “Company” or “FERROVIAL”), communicates the following:


Reference is made to our notice of significant event of 28 July 2014 (registration number 209202), relating to the buy-back programme of Company’s own shares approved on that said date by the Board of Directors of FERROVIAL, in accordance with the provisions of Commission Regulation (EC) No. 2273/2003, of 22 December 2003 and under the authorisation granted by the Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting of the Company held on 22 March 2013, under item seven of the agenda (the “Buy-Back Programme”).

Between 1 and 7 August 2014, the Company has carried out the following transactions over its own shares under the Buy-back Programme:

Date                     Security       Transaction   No. of securities           Price (€)
01/08/2014       FER.MC        Acquisition          399,000                   15.3931
04/08/2014      FER.MC        Acquisition           295,234                    15.2732
05/08/2014      FER.MC        Acquisition           340,000                   15.2416
06/08/2014      FER.MC        Acquisition           431,491                     14.9721
07/08/2014      FER.MC        Acquisition           300,000                  14.5887


[English translation for information purposes only. In the event of discrepancies between English and Spanish version,the Spanish version shall prevail]

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