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UBS announces an extension of the accelerated book building of Ferrovial, S.A. to a maximum of 4.15% of the share capital.

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Published on 01/15/2016

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To: the Spanish Securities Market Commission (CNMV), 13 January 2016
Subject: Sale of stake in Ferrovial, S.A.


UBS Limited wishes to notify, pursuant to article 228 of the Legislative Royal Decree 4/2015, of the 23rd of October, which approved the consolidated text of the Securities Market Act, by means of the present document, the following:

Further to our Price-Sensitive Information filing, number 233938, Siemprelara S.L. has decided to increase the size of the placement, the new maximum number of the shares of the same being 30,387,965, representing approximately 4.15% of the share capital of Ferrovial, S.A.

Yours faithfully,

UBS Limited




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